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Wood Fern

Adiantum capillus-veneris

(Gresham, WI)


Plants permeate our lives, from the local, organic foods we eat and the clothes on our backs, to the newest botanical dietary supplement. Herbal medicine may be our first choice for minor medical conditions, major diseases, health promotion, or disease prevention.

We at Dr. David Kiefer & Associates Consulting Services expertly provide the plant-based information and formulating that your venture needs to be a success. We are about improving personal, business, and ecological health with plants and plant products. We believe in finding only the best ingredients, prioritizing sustainability as well as responsibility to intellectual property and traditional cultures.

Let us help to educate your consumers while we create the best botanical solution in your field, essentially “edu-creating” a culture of plant excellence around your idea(s).


Providing expert plant-based solutions